PHP Report Maker

PHP Report Maker

PHP Report Maker is a reporting tool that can generate dynamic PHP Web reports
PHP Report Maker v9.0
11 May 2017
PHP Report Maker v8.1
22 Jul 2015
PHP Report Maker v8.0
14 Dec 2014
PHP Report Maker v7.0
15 Dec 2013
PHP Report Maker v6.0
1 Dec 2012
PHP Report Maker v5.1
24 Apr 2012
PHP Report Maker v5.0
28 Jul 2011
PHP Report Maker v4.0
30 Jun 2010
PHP Report Maker v3.0
23 Apr 2009
PHP Report Maker v2.0
21 Apr 2008
PHP Report Maker v1.0
9 Mar 2008

What's new

v9.0 [22 Jan 2016]
- Now you can add Linked Tables from other databases of different database type
- Add custom fields to a table or view with SQL expression.
- Show the options in dropdown panel (supports SELECT, RADIO and CHECKBOX) with min-width and max-height settings.
- Show options in HTML with JsRender template.
- Keeps session alive by Ajax or show session timeout countdown to remind users.
- Add client side events easily and manipulate/validate the fields quickly with PHP Report Maker's "fields" jQuery plugin.
- Use mysqli extension by default
- Anonymous User becomes a built-in dynamic User Levels
- Image Resize functionality (does not require Image Resize extension anymore)
- SelectLimit() support for MSSQL >= 2005
- Global array for passing server side values to client side
- "addoption" and "newoption" client side event for lookup fields
- JavaScript alerts replaced by Modal dialog
- jQuery and JsRender updated
- Multi-Language support for reCAPTCHA and JsCalendar
- QRCode/BarCode Custom View Tags combined
- A new built-in "plain" theme
- UTF-8 output files if project charset is utf-8
- PHPMailer updated
- Setting PHPMailer properties in Email_Sending server event
- mobile_detect.php updated and mobile-detect.js adopted
- Bootstrap 3.3.6
- Many other minor improvements.

v8.1 [22 Jul 2015]
AutoSuggest by typeahead.js
Responsive table for main table in report page
Responsive utilities
Enhanced Bootstrap Navbar as mobile menu with multi-level submenu support.
Improved Theme with Bootstrap Variables.

v5.1 [24 Apr 2012]
Newer browsers (e.g. IE6 , FF3.6 , Safari 5 , latest Chrome and Opera) with JavaScript support enabled

v5.0 [28 Jul 2011]
New in version 5.0:
-in additional to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server, PHP Report Maker now supports Oracle also
-a new extension for export to PDF is provided
-the Advanced Chart Properties setup page is now just next to the general chart setup page, much easier to set up the various advanced properties of the chart

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